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The Parish Council have now sought legal advice following us contesting this chargeIt is with great sadness that we are having to challenge Boreham Parish Council as they are going to start charging us to use the Public Recreation Ground from January 2020. We firmly belief there has been a misrepresentation here because when the matter was discussed we are described in the minutes of this meeting as ‘a profit making concern’ Despite pointing out that we are a registered charity (a point they should know as we have been running for 10 years) they have quoted ‘The Local Government Act 1972’ to us as a reason to not re-address this matter. In deciding this charge we feel they have discriminated against the children in our setting, a third of whom live in a home with no outside space.

One of our parents has started an online petition. Please sign to show your support to our cause. We have never used this space exclusively and actively encourage other children and their parents to join us in stimulating play opportunities.

The following is the piece I prepared for the public participation part of the Boreham Parish Council meeting on December 2nd regarding the charge to use the Children’s play area as we always have done for the past 10 years.

SS Speech to BPC

UPDATE FEB 2020: The Parish Council have now written to say they have taken legal advice retrospectively of administering this charge. They are having a solicitor draw up a licence agreement and until that time have issued a one off grant to cover this year’s charge. I will update you more once we have seen the intended Licence Agreement. Our stance on this however, has not changed.

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BINGO NIGHT 28th March 7pm at Boreham School £5 per person. Feel free to bring drinks an nibbles. Raffle to be drawn.

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Boreham School has requested that the above booklet is filled in by parents, children and staff so that together we can provide a complete insight into your child. This will help the school be prepared for your child to start in September 2018.