The following comments were made in our 2019 Annual Survey, current parents were asked what they would recommend about Small Steps to other prospective parents and anything else they would like to add.

Lovely friendly staff, nice setting, children always seem happy

W has really come along since attending preschool. He is much more confident and it is lovely to see him go in each time ready to play and learn. I wasn’t sure how often the tapestry is updated but the only thing I would say is I would like to see more of Williams progress on there.

It has a lovely friendly atmosphere that children can thrive in. The children always look so happy to be there. The children have a great deal of space to play and learn. I would always recommend small steps – it’s the best preschool in our village. The Children can build friendships that carry on into school years which is really lovely.

Small steps is a great preschool, children and staff are amazing, we are very lucky to have such a brilliant preschool in our community. My daughter loves preschool so much she wants to attend on the days we have off at home together. She has enjoyed attend for the last year, I am sure her sister will love it equally the same next year when she attends.

I would recommend small steps to everyone my son R loves to be there and he coming home happy all time the staff are loving and very caring towards the children and help with any needs your child may need help couldn’t recommend small steps enough.

It is a great friendly and fun learning environment.

Lots of time spent outside with various activities and I generally feel the staff care about my kids

Keep it up !

The site is convenient, staff are friendly and there is always new stuff happening

H is always happy when picked up and it seems like a nice relaxed setting

H hasn’t been there long enough for me to comment on some of the statements. H seems happy at the preschool which is great

My child has come along leaps and bounds with his speech, listening and general confidence since starting here. He regularly asks to go to pre-school, even on a weekend as he can’t wait to see his friends and the staff. The staff are always so lovely and caring.

I believe I could approach any member of the staff. School readiness – As my child isn’t attending school this year I don’t believe this applies to him, however he has been talking about school bags a lot so he may have participated in a session for getting ready for school. Over all, great pre school and my child loves it and the staff.

My child has settled well after transferring from another setting, staff show an interest in him, there are a variety of activities and themes

I’m very happy with the provision, and the care my child receives

I have no comments. Nursery fulfills its roles and we are very satisfied

Small team of practitioners who are genuinely interested in the children’s progress and who actively engage with the children in a positive way.

I would recommend this setting to any parent in the village

My son has settled in so well which makes me feel that little bit more at ease him going to pre-school. He always comes out smiling and very keen to tell me what he has been doing all morning. All staff are friendly and easy to talk too.

The staff are so lovely and welcoming. As soon as your arrive the children are given the warmest welcome. The activities and set up are fantastic and so interesting. I’ll be sad for my little boy to leave to go to big school. Looking forward to returning with my baby girl in January.

Lovely people who care about every single child like their own, the picking up security role is amazing and very important to me so I would highly recommend small steps!

My son has only had 2 sessions and he comes back happy and trying to say what he’s done.


The following comments were written by current/recent parents on Facebook posts asking for recommendations for preschools/nurseries on the Boreham Village Facebook page. August 2018.

Small Steps-they took my little boy the week after his 2nd birthday and they were amazing! He settled so quickly and loved going every day.

My two girls went to Small Steps and they absolutely loved it there and the staff!

My 2 girls are at Small Steps highly recommend them!

Highly recommend Small Steps Preschool.

Highly recommend Small Steps Preschool, the staff are so lovely, the space and the set up at the Village Hall is great always different topics each week.

Highly recommend Small Steps! My daughters love it there.

Really recommend Small Steps! My little boy adored it and still asks to go back!

Our little boy goes to Small Steps and thoroughly enjoys it! The activities are great and they have a theme each week. I love the fact they post daily with pictures of what the children have been up to.

My little boy went to small steps and loved it. The staff are so lovely too. I highly recommend it.

My little one went to Small Steps Preschool, I would highly recommend. The staff are lovely and the setting is very spacious with different themes each week.

The following comments were made by parents in our 2018 survey.

Good, caring staff with good links to the school.

My child has some anxiety issues and Small Steps have taken it upon themselves to ensure she is comfortable and gets her in without a fuss. They are always smiling and happy to help.

The following comments were made by parents in our October 2017 survey.

My son also attended Small Steps and he came on in leaps and bounds in his development, the staff are great, my daughter now loves going here and already her development has been great.

It is a good setting and my son is happy there.

Great Facilities, lovely staff.

The Small Steps staff are great. They know the children well and are available to talk to before and after each session. The sessions seem to be well planned and varied with lots for the children to do.

My child loves the setting, friendly and welcoming staff.

Friendly and enthusiastic staff and a constant variety of new creative activities for the children.

My child’s development has come on loads since attending.

Friendly local preschool! Lovely staff and always make me and my child feel welcome.

Well run, friendly and good setting.

I wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help and kindness with caring for her since April this year and hope the preschool continues to thrive.  NB August 2017

As you know my daughter also attends a private nursery which has an Ofsted rating of outstanding at all sites.  However she loves her sessions at Small Steps just as much as at her other nursery.

I am aware of and appreciate all of the unpaid and paid work the staff do. So thank you for making it so lovely, friendly and educational!  PT March 2016 

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